We believe the mobile phone will be the basis of modern payment infrastructure in Africa and beyond.

Our Company

Our solution allows for digital payments without relying on bank accounts.

Transcel is a company dedicated to enabling financial inclusion in the developing world through the use of mobile money technologies. We believe that mobile phones will be the heart of digital payments in Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Our complete technology stack is over seven years in the making. By combining artificial intelligence with decentralized software architecture, we deliver a mobile money platform robust enough to support utility-scale eMoney networks. Transcel is bridging modern digital services in emerging markets with the payments infrastructure of the developed world.

Our solution allows for interoperability with existing mobile money networks and cash-in/cash-out networks.

The Transcel solution is designed to meet the regulatory, market, and security requirements for eMoney financial services; bypass unnecessary costs associated with traditional financial transactions; and provide the services interoperability infrastructure required to support complex partnerships and deliver mobile money services.

We partner with entrepreneurs, TELCOs, micro finance organizations, banks, and governments in Africa and the Caribbean—the very places where the future of money and digital payments is rapidly evolving.

Our Team

Our team of founders and advisors combines expertise from Xerox PARC, Accenture, SRI, Oracle, and Siri/Apple for a deep understanding of the unique challenges of payments in emerging markets.

Transcel is based in Kingston, Jamaica and Silicon Valley.

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